Memorias Urbanas


Proyecto colectivo y colaborativo, que homenajea a las personas mayores a través de sus recuerdos, reflexiones e inquietudes utilizando frases, fotografías o poemas, cedidos para la creación de nuevas composiciones. 

El proyecto realizado en colaboración con el ayuntamiento y los centros de mayores de Rivas Vaciamadrid, a través de los cuales se recopiló el material cedido por las personas mayores de Rivas para la realización de la intervención que homenajea a este colectivo que tanto da y tan poco recibe.


Urban Memories


Collective and collaborative project, which honors the elderly through their memories, reflections and concerns using phrases, photographs or poems, given for the creation of new compositions.

The project carried out in collaboration with the city council and the elderly centers of Rivas Vaciamadrid, through which the material provided by the elderly of Rivas was compiled to carry out the intervention that pays tribute to this group that gives so much and so much little receives.


 Few minutes are enough to turn almost eight centuries of history into a fit of hysteria.


Centro de Mayores Felipe II.

Centro de Mayores de Concepción Arenal



We are a generation that paved the way for those who came later. That is why it is about time that we start to relax and have fun.

We are a generation that paved the way for those who came later. That is why it is about time that we start to relax and have fun.


“Live and learn Every unrepeatable moment Of your unique life. Forget the past Don't be afraid of the future The present is the important thing."

"They say that the years erase the memory / They say that the years drown the pain." "I say it's a lie! / And whoever says that, he doesn't even know what love is."

Carteles publicitarios / Adversising Street posters



"Sometimes I like: being, going out, traveling alone at my own pace. Sometimes I really need my family, but other times I prefer to do nothing."

"In the afternoon we went out for a walk on the road, walk up, walk down, which was the only distraction in town. / Money was very scarce and the most that could be done was to walk which was the cheapest."


"She could have aspired to something better than what she took, but time and hunger did not wait and she took the first thing they offered her, but at that time, when she was 38 years old, she was one of the few women who had a small culture, because she knew perfectly read, write, the 4 rules and a little French."



"We are a generation that paved the way for those who came later. That is why it is about time that we start to relax and have fun."


"What remains of my life, I try to be mine, enjoying it with whatever comes my way: traveling, shopping, having coffee with someone, doing whatever I please, even if it is doing nothing."


"If you want to say that you love me, tell me now, don't wait for me to die, my ears won't hear you. / If you want to give me love give me the best love. If you wait for me to die, my heart already died."


"I have heard it and pronounced it and pronounced it so many times that there are no beads on my abacus to count. An intense, deep and wild love that fills my whole being and a raging, fierce and furious lack of love that empties everything inside me."

"Sometimes it is: tide, waves, storm, storm and storm surge. Hurricane, tornado, tsunami and earthquake. Murder, execution, martyrdom, torture ... At times it becomes: pleasure, satisfaction, smile, laugh, hallelujah, clamor, orgasm ... We celebrate it, mourn it, laugh it, hug it, or insult it in a fickle and whimsical way as it inexplicably unites and separates us."


"When did I tell you if you wanted to marry me, did you say yes or no? I told you yes, I do accept and I said it with all my heart. / And I'm very happy that you called me, because I couldn't remember who asked me."


"We should be the best daughters, the best wives, the best mothers, the best professionals, etc." / "I have already demonstrated enough who I am as a person."


Centro Sociocultural de Mayores El Parque


"Your thought was so that we could have a good life, which with your effort you achieved."